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arrowsQ. What services does Staffordshire Scientific Services offer?

A. We provide a competitively priced range of services offering customers a wide range of analytical services tailored to meet individual specifications, from food and agricultural products, toys and cosmetics, water and environmental samples to waste materials and pollutants.

Q. Can I pay by credit/ debit card?

A. Staffordshire Scientific Services are now able to offer debit/ credit card payment options at no extra charge. A list of cards currently accepted can be found here. Please contact us for further details.

Q. If we need the analysis of batches of samples on a regular basis, can you offer a competitive service?

A. We are happy to offer preferential terms for larger or regular batches of samples; just contact us and we can advise you.

Q Where are we?

A. Follow the Google link to find directions: Stafford ST16 2LG (14 Martin Street). However, the entrance to the premise is at the rear of the building; using Sat Nav post code ST16 2DH will bring you onto the car park at the rear of the building via Tipping Street.

Q. What are Staffordshire Scientific Services credentials?

A. Our laboratory is accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Services). We take part in FAPAS (Food Analysis Performance Assessment Scheme), Aquacheck, WASP and NETCEN (for NOX tubes).

We analyse for thousands of different chemicals and aim to increase the number of accredited methods each year.

Q. How do I contact Staffordshire Scientific Services?

A. details can be found on our Contact Us page.

Q. We have a budget for food sampling - how can we make it more relevant to healthy eating?

A. We can help you design a project, whatever your budget, to begin to ask relevant questions or support food related projects.

Q. Can you find out why nothing grows in a soil sample?

A. Yes. We are not restricted to analytical work in the laboratory but can offer a problem solving service which could include: appraisal of the problem, sampling strategy, analysis in the laboratory, interpretation of the results and hazard assessment followed by recommendations of remedial measures or other courses of action.

Q. To support my legal case I need an expert witness to give scientific evidence in court, can you help?

A. Our Certificates of Analysis and reports are legal documents which can be produced in court. In some instances the Public Analyst and/or a member of the laboratory staff will appear in court as expert witnesses.

Q. If I am stopped for drink driving, can I get a second opinion on the alcohol content in the blood/urine sample taken by the police?

A. Yes. As standard procedure, you will be given a sample of blood/urine that is taken at the same time the police sample is taken. We analyse the sample you were given, giving you a second opinion. The current charge for this service (2014) is £100 + VAT.

Q. If you are presented with a sample how do you go about deciding what to test for?

A. Firstly, the analysis would be at your request. However, if you are unsure of exactly what is required we may advise analysis based around the following: any relevant legislation, labelling and/or our experience of dealing with similar samples. If the sample should be a complaint sample, the nature of the complaint can give reasonable clues as to what we should test for.  

Q. How are samples transported to the laboratory to ensure 'continuity of evidence'?

A. Transportation of samples is decided with individual customers to maintain a chain of evidence where required. We offer a collection service in some instances (please ask for details). We have a refrigerated van and our driver can collect samples and transfer them to the laboratory. A courier may sometimes be used for contract work.

Q. How can I find out about job vacancies in Scientific Services?

A. All the current job vacancies are displayed on the Staffordshire County Council web site:

Further downloadable information regarding the services we offer can be found here.

Quality - at the heart of everything we do.

The laboratory is managed at all levels to achieve and maintain a high standard of quality in all aspects of the services we provide. Professionalism and a customer driven service is at the heart of everything we do.

As part of ISO/IEC 17025 quality accreditation we participate in FAPAS, Aquacheck, NETCEN and other European proficiency testing schemes.

Please contact us for more information about the services we can offer, testing advice and a personal business quote

Our Credentials

Staffordshire Scientific Services is a UKAS ISO/IEC 17025 Official UK Food and Agriculture Enforcement laboratory, serving the analytical needs of the UK. Our Public Analysts and highly qualified staff provide reliable scientific testing, advice on legislation and expert witness representation. We are committed to delivering a flexible client driven service to both the public sector and private business.

A comprehensive range of UKAS accredited tests are available within our laboratory and our UKAS flexible scope protocols allows us to develop client driven methods to high specifications.

View our UKAS accreditation schedule here.

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Q. Can I pay by credit/ debit card?

A. Staffordshire Scientific Services are now able to offer debit/ credit card payment options at no extra charge. A list of cards currently accepted can be found here. Please contact us for further details.