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Toy Testing

December 2014

Teddy Testing - All In The Name Of Safety

Staffordshire Scientific Services testing toys to ensure they are safe for children.

Paul Wright can be seen demonstrating some aspects of toy testing in this short You Tube clip.

Staffordshire Scientific Service addressing public concerns during this festive season.

June 2014

Staffordshire County Council - Playing safe thanks to county’s toy testers (Child Safety Week)

Toy Testing at Staffordshire Scientific ServicesToys being sold in Staffordshire and across the world could have received their essential safety seal of approval from the county council.

A team at the County Council regularly tears teddies apart and damages dolls in the name of children’s safety. The team, which sits in the Scientific Services section, recently extended its accreditation to include toy safety testing.

Now, the county council’s trading standards leader is urging parents and anyone buying toys to check they have the European standard attached during national Child Safety Week. Toys on sale in the UK and Europe must be labelled with the CE certification.

The Staffordshire team carries out testing for the county’s trading standards and also takes on contracts from trading standards departments across the country, as well as port authorities where large shipments come into the UK.  

Cabinet member responsible for trading standards Gill Heath said:

"The analysts here do an important job keeping children safe in Staffordshire, across the country and further afield. By testing the toys, they can be sure whether or not to pass them with European standards accreditation, which is shown by the CE label."

"This week is Child Safety Week, which give us an opportunity to remind parents to check their children’s toys are safe. They need to check all toys have the CE standard label, and should be careful with all toys for toddlers. Anything unsuitable for under-threes should have a red label attached which says so. "

"In addition to the testing for trading standards teams and port authorities, the team here supports small businesses which manufacture toys to ensure their products meet the standards needed and help them to thrive."

Testing takes place on all kinds of toys, from teddy bears to plastic toys and games. The team has specialist equipment to carry out the testing to ensure the standard is the same for all testing organisations including a strength gauge machine which applies force to the toys. Items are also tested for choking hazards, wires, sharp points or edges, metal content in paint and anything that could cause injury or harm.

Gill added:

"If we could send out one message during Child Safety Week it would be for parents and anyone buying toys for children to take a common sense approach.

Buy from reputable retailers and check for the CE label – but if you’re not sure of a toy’s safety, then don’t buy it."

The team also safety tests children’s cutlery, children’s clothing, sunglasses, ceramic ware and a variety of other goods.

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